Dedicated personal assistance platform

Having a full-time dedicated HUMAN as your personal assistant is what makes ez4u very special.
Having access to more than 120 services is JUST CONVENIENT!

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Get help from your own assistant for ALL your tasks!

Our system provides your personal assistant access to over 150 services and more than 100,000 vendors nationwide. We can also help you negotiate terms with existing vendors.

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Contact our service center or your personal assistant directly.

Our services

The evolution of personal assistance

We prioritize leveraging technology to enhance efficiency in our processes, yet our dedication to delivering the finest service is firmly grounded in the enduring value of personal communication. We consistently strive to provide the best service, without exception!

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Personal Accounts

Our personal assistant tool will allow you to have access to all of our services for the best possible rates. From house keeping, handymen and home tasks to laundry pick-up and delivery services, your personal assistant will help you with over 150 different services.

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Business Accounts

Ez4u Services can assist will help you secure better and faster services for your property or for your employees. Our plan can even optimize existing contracts with your own vendors, by adding them to our platform for free and evaluate their performance and rates.

Personal Assistant packages

There is a plan for you

Our platform allows you to chose a plan that fits your budget and your needs.


Access indvidual services as needed for no monthly fee.



Ideal for frequent users. Commercial or Residential.


Ez Premium

Ideal for larger homes or small business



Ideal for Property Managers, Concierges or Real Estate Agents

Our advantages

An all-in-one service hub

Consider a world where duties are efficiently handled, calendars are properly structured, and your to-do list is seamlessly met. This is the world we have built for you.

Expedited solutions

Every day duties managed smoothly

Designed to take care of your every need

Streamline your home or business.

substantial cost savings

We care for your finances, time, and effort.

We created a user-friendly interface to connect you with your personal assistant or to schedule your own service


Promotional & Seasonal Packages

Access Some of Our Most Popular Services For a Fraction of the Price

Artificial Turf Projects

15% OFF

House Keeping Services


Wash & FOld Special


EZ Taskers Organizers

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 We can help you with any service for you or your property. After our first approach we sill set up your account and begin assisting you, simplifying your daily activities.  

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