Residential & Commercial

Low maintenance and cost effective natural looking turf solutions for your lawn, patio, front yard, or outdoor or indoor area.

Pet Turf

Allow our best friends to enjoy a space that looks as natural as real grass while allowing you to have easy maintenance.


Ez4u Services understand the importance in quality and pricing for playgrounds and park turf projects.


Ez4u Services work with some of the best specialists in Sports Turf Installation and Maintenance Services.

SINCE 1993

Find your artificial turf solution, there is a turf system for every application.

The most important factor to a successful turf installation is a meticulous site preparation, in which the terrain is expertly leveled with adequate materials and machinery and developed with experienced personnel. After the base is well prepared, your choice of EVERGREEN synthetic grass is expertly installed and secured.



Every aspect of the installation process is extremely important. From the moment the turf is unrolled and placed over the surface, to the pre-installation process, all the way to the details and cuts, it all has to be done by professionals in order to guarantee a great finish. Our preferred vendors have decades of experience have executed tens of thousands of projects accross the United States of all sizes and for all purposes. From parks to playgrounds and from soccer fields to patios, we do it all. As we do in most of our services, we can even help you negotiate better terms for existing bids on your project.


Great quality and great experiences on your turf not only depend on a good product and a great installation, but also how well is the turf kept and maintained. Our services go further than simply installing your product, we also offer maintenance and repair services, that will guarantee the turf is always in great condition, regardless of the purpose of it. In addition, we keep track of the exact brand and tone of your product, as well as the installation and maintenance records to make sure guarantees are in place from the providers and installation companies.


Our team of experts carefully inspect every single project to guarantee the higher standards of quality in the product we use. Installation and land preparation play a very important role in a successful turf installation. Our artificial turf products could be used in different applications such as Soccer fields (Indoor and Outdoor), Football fields, Baseball fields, gyms and fitness centers, sports lounges, playgrounds, leisure areas, patios, restaurants, bars and even offices. We also work with landscape designers and architects on projects.


Residential and Commercial

Low maintenance and cost effective natural looking turf solutions for backyards, frontyards, lawns, road medians, pool decks, patios, rooftops, apartments, hotels, trade show displays, and more.


The main objective of this artificial turf product is to keep kids safe at all times. Highly durable for child care centers, parks and other high use play areas. Ask us for an optional alternative to add a shock pad system that will add comfort to the artificial grass.

Pet Turf

For those areas that require extra traffic and excellent performance, there is our pet friendly artificial turf. Our pet systems are softer and gentler on paws and joints; it will drain water and fluids easily and will impede any formation of pest colonies, fungus, weeds or mold.


Every sport demands a turf that holds up under combat. EVERGREEN offers the ultimate solutions for every level of play; our products are designed to provide the best possible surface for players, along with the durability you’re looking for.


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